Traditions New and Old – Visit a Winery on Wine Tasting Tours on the Mornington Peninsula

Good wine requires time and practice. Explore culture and tradition in the Mornington Peninsula and sip your favourite vintage with VineTours.

Culture and History

The Mornington Peninsula is home to Arthur’s Seat State Park (including “Seawinds” gardens), a maze, two restaurants and a car museum. Historically the lower slopes were used by the Boonwurrung (Indigenous Australians of the Kulin nation) for their corroboree dance or ritual. The corroboree could be an invitation-only, sacred event or an opportunity to share culture, Dreamtime story, and history with others. In Dreamtime, one could experience all the worldly knowledge of your ancestors, and during these Aboriginal events, participants used dance, music, and costume to interact with and tell their story.

Mornington Peninsula Winery Tours

Wine cultivation in the Mornington Peninsula is a relatively young endeavour, but still carries a rich tradition. Despite the crisp sea air and the rich soils, vineyards had a rough start here. The first vine plantings were attempted in 1886; however, most of these vineyards were abandoned by the 1920s due to significant economic decline, taste preference changes and the threat of Phylloxera (pests that feed on grapevine leaves and roots). The bushfires in 1967 destroyed the second major vine planting attempt. Finally, the planting in 1972 began the start of continuous production in the region. Today numerous vineyards and wineries are available to ecotourists. VineTours offers a variety of day- and weekend wine tasting tours on the Mornington Peninsula to enjoy the spoils of this flourishing area.

The peninsula’s maritime and cool climate is known best for producing Pinot Noir grapes and complex, medium bodied, dry wines. Numerous wineries offer selections to tempt every pallet. The VineTours route to either Shoreham beach or Merricks beach is designed for the ultimate enjoyment of wine tasting, leisurely cycling, beaches, and countryside. Cruise along the coast, among vineyards and berry patches and cycle at your leisure through the small seaside towns, and over the rolling countryside. Fill your lungs with the fresh sea air and capture the enchanting views. Today the grapevine roots are strong, wine tasting and winery tours on the Mornington Peninsula are prevalent, and winemakers are excited to share their craft.

Cycling Wine Tours

The peninsula hosts more than 30 bike tracks and trails with offerings to tempt every traveller. VineTours provides a real escape from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne as we take you through the undeveloped landscape around Merrick and the small seaside town of Shoreham with its artistic history and gourmet flair; their beach offers stunning views towards Phillip Island. Both routes are carefully crafted to help you relax and renew.

History and tradition are ever present in our Mornington Peninsula winery tours where you can experience the scenic beauty of the bay and surrounding countryside. On your next weekend, why not join VineTours to escape the city and unwind with a leisurely cycle tour to the brilliant cellar doors while experiencing quality, gourmet food produced locally and enjoy a unique wine tasting of the area’s best wines?