VineTours Cycle Tours Frequently Asked Questions?

What should I bring and wear?

 You do not need any special equipment to join our trips.  Please wear closed toe footwear and comfortable clothing for cycling for up to 20 km.

A light weatherproof jacket is also advised. In the event of rain if you don’t have a suitable jacket for cycling then we may be able to lend you one ( limited stock).

Bikes, helmets and water bottles are provided.



What if the day of my cycle tour is an extreme weather day?

In the event of extreme weather conditions which affect safety we may decide not to cycle.

As a replacement for the morning cycle other activities will be offered such as the tours of vineyards, visits to breweries and/or art museums. The wine tasting part of the tour will proceed unaffected. There would only be a handful of occasions in the year when conditions would be unsafe to cycle

Weather in Victoria is very changeable, so even if the forecast says showers we usually find that we can still enjoy a good day out.

enjoying hot chocolate at the yarra valley chocolate factory